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Think Outside The Branch!

Imagine your Credit Union offering seamless custom digital connections at every visual and physical touch point.

Think Outside The Branch

In a world where digital innovation propels industries forward, Credit Unions are not just breaking free from the confines of brick-and-mortar limitations but redefining connectivity with their members. The MiniBranch platform, built specifically for Credit Unions, is at the forefront of this transformation. By offering custom digital connections from every visual and physical touch point, MiniBranch empowers Credit Unions to expand and grow their services without the expenses associated with physical locations. This revolutionary approach ensures that every interaction, whether through video chats, live chats, texting, emails, or even co-browsing, is tailored to meet each member's unique needs and preferences. Let's explore how MiniBranch is reshaping the future of Credit Unions:

1. Video Chat: Picture face-to-face meetings without physical travel. MiniBranch enables Credit Unions to harness digital technology, connecting members with personalized, convenient support that builds strong relationships.

2. Live Chat: Real-time assistance at members' fingertips. MiniBranch's live chat ensures instant responses to inquiries, and its prompts allow staff to manage multiple conversations simultaneously, ensuring efficient support. Chat logs and video chats are stored for reference and analysis.

3. Texting: Quick and efficient communication with two-way instant connections. MiniBranch respects member communication preferences, enabling Credit Unions to share updates and information seamlessly.

4. Email: A timeless classic for sharing detailed information and essential updates. MiniBranch streamlines communication, directing emails to specific individuals or departments, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction.

5. Phone Calls: Effortless connections with specific persons or departments reduce friction for current and future members, enhancing overall experiences.

6. Co-Browsing: Collaborate effortlessly, navigating websites with members to ensure they find what they need.

7. AI Chatbot: Available 24/7, AI chatbots provide instant responses to common questions, freeing up staff for more complex inquiries.

8. Language Translator: Break down language barriers to ensure that every member feels welcome, regardless of their language.

9. Digital Document and Delivery: Facilitate secure, paperless transactions by sending and receiving essential documents electronically, streamlining processes and reducing environmental impact.

MiniBranch is the key to thinking outside the branch and revolutionizing credit unions' growth potential. It empowers Credit Unions to provide seamless, efficient member services while overcoming the limitations of brick-and-mortar locations. With MiniBranch, Credit Unions can expand their reach, serve members and future members effectively, and embrace the future of banking. Explore the possibilities and unlock a new era of credit union excellence.


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