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Client Spotlight Lily Newfarmer, CEO of Tarrant County's Credit Union

We're thrilled with our partnership with MiniBranch! This accessibility has been instrumental in supporting our credit union's growth objectives.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

"As a small credit union, MiniBranch has proven to be a highly cost-effective alternative to ITMs, especially in areas where we lack a physical presence. Its text and live chat functionalities enable our members to easily connect with us from virtually any location. This accessibility has been instrumental in supporting our credit union's growth objectives. We're thrilled with our partnership with MiniBranch. Their seamless integration process, coupled with outstanding training and support for our staff, has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency."

Lily Newfarmer, President/CEO

Tarrant County's Credit Union


Key Takeaways from Lily Newfarmer


Cost-Effectiveness: MiniBranch stands out as a more affordable and efficient alternative to traditional ITMs, particularly valuable for smaller credit unions.


Enhanced Accessibility: The platform’s text and live chat features break down geographical barriers, allowing members to connect with the credit union from anywhere.


Growth Support: The accessibility offered by MiniBranch plays a crucial role in fulfilling the credit union's growth initiatives, indicating its effectiveness in expanding member reach.


Seamless Integration: The transition to MiniBranch was smooth, aided by their comprehensive support and training, which significantly improved the credit union’s operational efficiency.


Satisfaction with Partnership: The testimonial reflects a high level of satisfaction with MiniBranch, underlining the positive impact on both the organization and its members.


This spotlight showcases how MiniBranch's innovative solutions are helping Tarrant County's Credit Union to enhance member engagement and drive growth.


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