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Streamline connections, communication, and marketing in a cost-effective, digital-first platform.  


Connect and market like never before!

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Connect Their Way

Empower users with their choice of communication options, including Video Chat, Live Chat, Chatbot, Texting, Emails, and Calls.


In today's digital age, versatile choice ensures everyone can communicate how they feel most comfortable and connected.

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Launch connection avenues directly from your Website, Social Media, Print/Digital Ads, ATM Fleet, Logo, and Promo Items for seamless

access and maximum user engagement.

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MiniBranch's browser and app-based platform empowers remote work, offering flexibility and cost savings. It ensures business continuity with unforeseen disruptions and boosts employee morale, ultimately enhancing productivity and customer service.


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 Our virtual assistant supercharges interaction experiences. It responds in just one second,

handles diverse requests, and seamlessly

connects to the right department.





Your 24/7 Virtual Teller Never Sleeps    


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We eliminate language barriers by offering live chat translation in over 100 languages, ensuring every member feels heard and understood.


Translates Over 100 Languages    


 Our digital document delivery and signing eliminates branch visits, enabling swift, secure member onboarding and loan document

signing from anywhere, anytime.


Transform Your Agreement Process   


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Single Interactive Platform
Built For Credit Unions

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Connect and market using a single platform built for credit unions!


Single Platform

Video Chat

Live Chat

Text and Call

Document Delivery

Document Signing


Language Translator

Virtual Assistant

Chat Log Storage

Video Chat Storage

No Core Integration

Go Live in Weeks

Launch Points



ATM Fleet

Social Media

Print Ads

Digital Ads

Promotional Items


Your Logo

URL Delivery

Website Delivery

QR Code Delivery


Increase Membership

Members Connect Their Way

Members Connect Where They Are

Attract Younger Demographic

Improve Staff Efficiency

Staff Can Work From Anywhere

Attract Employees

Digital Branch

Disaster and Pandemic Proof 

Improve Member Experience

Improve Future Member Experience

Go Digital

Video Banking

Branch Anywhere

Future Proof Your Credit Union


Custom Consoles for Each Application 

Video Marketing

JPG Marketing

Explainer Videos for Ads

Increase ROl on Campaigns

Call To Action Deliverables

Financial Wellness Deliverables

Transform Your Marketing  Capabilities


Jackie Hoonjan

Pacific Cascades Federal Credit Union

MiniBranch provided us with an easy-to-implement connection solution. As a smaller credit union, cost-effectiveness is crucial, and MiniBranch offers tremendous value at a reasonable price.

We're grateful for MiniBranch's impactful service in our first year.

Lilly Newfarmer
President/ CEO

Tarrant County's
Credit Union

As a small credit union, we have found MiniBranch to be a more cost -effective option than ITs for connecting with our members and potential members in areas where we don't have a physical branch.
Its text and live chat features have made it easy for our members to reach us from anywhere, and this supports our credit union's growth initiatives. We are delighted to have partnered with MiniBranch, who have made the transition seamless and provided our staff with excellent training and support.

Monica Gilbert

Financial Health

Federal Credit Union

You won't regret working with MiniBranch.
Our staff, members, and prospective members love the connection options. We are much more efficient from a staff perspective.
Our virtual assistant "Wvatt" works for us 24/7.

Kellie Brower
Exec VP Operations

First Pioneers
Federal Credit Union

I highly recommend MiniBranch services/product to anvone seeking to reach their members/customers on a digital platform.

Karen Knight

Tarrant County's
Credit Union

MiniBranch is the way to go!
The MiniBranch console is also an effective marketing tool that allows us to Be Virtually - Everywhere!
If your credit union is ready to transition into the 21st century, MiniBranch can get you there.

Andrea Spencer
Marketing Director

Tarrant County's

Credit Union

In one word - WOW!

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