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Give Your Members And Potential Members The Ability To Connect Their Way

MiniBranch: Transforming Credit Union Member Engagement

MiniBranch is leading a new era in member engagement for Credit Unions. Through its innovative platform, it's empowering Credit Unions to meet members on their terms, with a choice of communication channels ranging from live chat to video calls, texts, and voice calls.

Central to MiniBranch's standout offering is its AI-driven chatbot. Not just any chatbot, this one is tailored to align with the distinct requirements of each Credit Union. This ensures members and potential members always receive the personalized attention they expect.

Adding another layer of convenience is the co-browsing function. Whether guiding members through intricate forms or helping them explore specific web pages, Credit Unions can now offer hands-on assistance, elevating the member's online journey.

MiniBranch doesn't stop at bridging the communication gap. With its live chat feature, members can converse in over 100 languages, ushering in a new level of inclusivity. No longer will language barriers stifle interactions, as MiniBranch enables smooth and comprehensive communication.

Moreover, the platform simplifies processes like document delivery and signing. This streamlines both member and loan acquisition, ensuring efficient and timely transactions.

In a nutshell, MiniBranch isn't just another communication tool. It's a partnership catalyst, enabling Credit Unions to nurture deeper relationships with their members through top-notch service and unparalleled support.


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